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[Read Kindle] ë Dreamweaver's Dilemma ¿ Contains Dreamweaver s Dilemma, a previously unpublished novelette set early the author s universe, the Hugo Award winning The Mountains of Mourning, a never before published Sherlock Holmes pastiche, an interview with Lois McMaster Bujold, and Suford Lewis Vorkosigan genealogy Hardbound with cover art by Bob Eggleton Nicolas Jouin: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Jansenismus Und Der Zeit VOR Der Franz�sischen Revolution (Classic Reprint) a previously unpublished novelette set early the author s universe Perekonomian Indonesia the Hugo Award winning The Mountains of Mourning Das Winterlesebuch a never before published Sherlock Holmes pastiche Nachtschwarz (Elfenblüte, an interview with Lois McMaster Bujold The Legend of Banzai Maguire and Suford Lewis Vorkosigan genealogy Hardbound with cover art by Bob Eggleton This is a collection of Bujold s early work, for the most part The Dreamweaver s Dilemma was pretty interesting, though it lacked the punch of her later writing As someone from Ohio, I liked imagining Cleveland as a desolate radioactive swamp I thought the Holmes story was fun and told in a style that stayed true to Doyle The essays ranged from fabulous to dull And then there was Mountains of Mourning Read this Seriously It has impact if you ve read Barrayar and probably Shards of Honor for good measure , I think, but this novella is fantastic It is a punch in the gut, and it is beautiful It is also incredibly heartbreaking It is about what happens when a culture is forced to undergo uncomfortable changes quickly, and even though it was written over 2 decades ago it still feels incredibly relevant I haven t read a lot of Bujold, yet, but I expect this is her writing at its best You don t need to find this collection to get it it s been released a few other ways. A buddy read with myself as I seems to lost my buddies along the way.Anyway this is a shortish story arguably set in Mile Vorkosigan universe Why arguably I will talk about it later In the future the human population of Earth developed invented another art form dreams And so dream composers were composing dreams that could be played by consumers customers art lovers using a special machine connected to their brain implant So one young woman who happened to be a very talented dream composer with work ethics of George R.R Martin I mean the way he delivers on his promises was hired to compose a very unusual and disturbing dream.Fortunately the payment was so good that she did not bother to ask unwanted questions However that little tiny nuisance thingy called conscience started bothering her and because she seemingly was totally helpless as far as the real world is concern she had to ask her friend to help her with the problem The guy being a seen it all type helped The end.See The story is so short I accidentally gave it away fully Does it belong to excellent Miles Vorkosigan world for the sake of argument let us pretend the last book of the series was just a bad dream composed by a newbie dream composer and it does not exist in real life It does contain two brief references to Beta Colony It does not have anything else to proof that it belongs Moreover the dream machines, implants, and composers never ever get mentioned in the main series In conclusion it is a decent enough story to kill half an hour reading if you overlook a bad personality of the main character she came out as a very special snowflake who thinks the whole world owes her Just do not expect to find anything related to the deservedly famous space opera series except for a name of one planet I mean other than the good old Earth. I remembered why I never reread this story when I reread the Vorkosigan s Saga It s too short and too boring Just blah. A collection of Lois McMaster Bujold short fiction and essays, with some supporting works by the editor Of most interest are the title story and The Mountains of Mourning, which are both set in the Vorkosiverse Pretty good stuff, but I am just having problems focusing these days, and it actual reading was a long, slow process.