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@Download E-pub ⚡ Jetlag ⚥ This collection of five graphic novellas features a drab salesman who falls in love with a Romanian circus aerialist a young woman who lives next to the entrance to Hell a magician who loses control of his magic a piggy bank named Margolis and a young girl who claims that she is a porn obsessed dwarf on a flight to nowhere 5 illustrators interpret etgar keret stories, rendering them shorter and evensurreal than they originally were Something strange about reading this right after reading James Tate They have similar minds, the thread of events in their narratives wanders in haphazard, surreal, and wonderful ways. Wonderfully strange short stories with well designed pictures to enhance My favorite was Margolis , where the boy falls in love with his piggy bank. I hate this guy for the simple reason that he makes writing engrossing stories about everyday life seem as easy as tying your shoe Seriously A boy falls in love with his piggy bank That s the premise of one of these stories Yeah, and it s tragic and wonderful. As you have probably gathered from the cover this is five stories of Egan Keret set to pictures All are excellent interpretations of his frankly bizarre fiction Go get a copy.