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A complicated and beautiful love storyI ve read a great many love stories during wartime This one, during WWI, stands out for several reasons.It is not just the love of a British soldier for a young French woman It is also the love between sisters , between brothers, and the love that binds families The story is beautifully written from the aspect of several characters starting with the youngest brother, Rudy, who has recently lost his eldest brother, a British soldier, to the battlefields of France A young French woman has arrived at their estate in England with a young boy she claims to be his brother s child and she his brother s wife Suspicions are raised immediately as to the validity of her claim after four years and her reasons for coming now as there has been no mention of her or the supposed marriage she is now asserting as true Under questioning her answers are vague and she has little proof Rudy has another brother, Laurence, who was the middle brother to contend with, a wastrel who seeks to claim his inheritance since their elder brother s death being next in line This complicated things.As Rudy seeks to understand and prove or disprove the young woman s story, he finds himself falling for her The young woman, is desperate to prove her story having her own reasons to assert her claim that the boy, her son Samuel, is, in fact the son of Edgar, the deceased eldest brother, and must hold up under questions from Rudy, Laurence and their mother with very little proof.Needless to say, this is a many faceted story told from several viewpoints as each deals with ghosts from the past and flashbacks It is an extremely difficult book to put down with great character description and development as the story unfolds Many surprising turns and a quest for the truth is a fascinating journey It reads like a multiple layered mini saga Obvious research is employed to create a hearty plot.This story of life prior to, during and after WWI and its catastrophic effects on the lives of those in the midst of it is well worth reading and I will definitely recommend to readers Well done This is a WW I story with multiple protagonists, and the author has you rooting for all but the bad guy quite a feat to pull off, and she does it seamlessly The internal monologues are exquisite, the emotions are deeply felt The descriptions of being in the war, in the war zones, are striking, especially for a woman who has never experienced them first hand Though set in the last century, it s timeless a love story, a family story, a coming of age story, and one I recommend highly. Beautiful, bitter sweet I could not put this book down It was bitter sweet Each character giving the story from their perspective I have to say that I wanted to rush through reading the chapter from Laurence s perspective I bounced between rating this book two or three stars, and finally went with three I love the cover, so maybe that nudged my rating up I read mystery, suspense, and thriller primarily, and the pacing of my favorite authors genres is quick and streamlined two things this book definitely isn t There s so much prose and internal dialogue that I struggled to get through it Some of the sentences are so convoluted that I had to re read them something I never do The characters are one dimensional and stereotypic, and I had a hard time caring about them, perhaps because things moved so slowly.I wanted to like this book. ( Download Book ) ♽ In a Field of Blue ♫ From The Bestselling Author Of The Road Beyond Ruin Comes A Novel About A Family Torn Apart By Grief And Secrets, Then Pulled Back Together By Hope In The Wake Of World War I England It S Been Four Years Since Rudy S Brother Edgar Went Missing In War Torn France Still Deep In Mourning And Grappling With Unanswered Questions, Rudy And His Mother Struggle To Move On When The Enigmatic Mariette Arrives Unexpectedly At The Family S Manor Claiming To Be Edgar S Widow, And The Mother Of His Child, Rudy Urges Her To Stay, Hoping She Ll Shed Light On The Missing PiecesCaptivated By Mariette, Rudy Finds That Their Mutual Loss And Grief Bind Them As Does The Possibility Of New Love But Mariette S Revelations Bring Questions Than Answers About Edgar S Death Suspicions Threaten To Divide Rudy S Already Fractured Family, Setting Him On A Quest For The Truth That Takes Him From England To France And BeyondIn His Search, Rudy Is Forced To Confront The Tragedies Of War And The Realities Of The Brother He S Lost And The Woman He S Found Will The Truth Set Him Free To Find Peace, Or Will It Forever Shadow His Future Too slow to build, shows the horrors of war and peopleDisclosure I looked at the percent remaining on this book often than I d like, especially in the first section narrated by Rudy While I d like to say it was in hopes that the book had time left and secrets to reveal, it was the opposite The build up of plot and characters felt too drawn out, tedious, as if the author was paid by the word That feeling continued to some degree for the remainder of the book, switching narrators a few times to give other people their say Laurence did not need his say that part could be edited out with no impact felt to the story The plot is a bit convoluted, but interesting I m less enthused obviously with the execution of it That said, it shows the horrors of war and the very human price paid on a number of levels, clearly and honestly Love between family members, and fierce devotion even when unwarranted is also represented beautifully An example of the writing The times I saw Mariette, the times I wanted to be with her, and I found that she featured in my thoughts every single minute whether she was in or out of sight That night she was arresting, and the doubts that lingered somewhere behind the euphoria of spending part of the day with her didn t rear their heads in those moments she was at my side And whether any further truths about the past did in fact surprise me, I m not sure I would have cared She was now very much a part of my present. sounded interesting but the writing style didn t resonate Beautiful storyI picked this as my January Prime First Reads I picked it because I enjoy historical fiction This definitely did not disappoint It gives many perspectives to add depth to the story and shed new light on the same situations I love how it built the story upon each persons viewpoint. Fascinating and moving, a very human war story Excellent story, insightful and unexpected The shifting narration created a rounded story, one of love, of all kinds not just romantic, and survival.The details and twists intrigued and engaged, making it difficult to put the book down yet I didn t want to rush through it, as it s one of those stories with characters you re reluctant to leave.Highly recommended. Historical fictionAmazing Jaw dropping, keep you up all night good Absolutely loved it I loved all the little details that just hooked me and drew me in and the suspense as the story unfolded And then I was surprised as each character told their story This book is a must read