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~Read Pdf ♫ The Hunting Party ⚕ Everyone S Invitedeveryone S A SuspectFor Fans Of Ruth Ware And Tana French, A Shivery, Atmospheric, Page Turning Novel Of Psychological Suspense In The Tradition Of Agatha Christie, In Which A Group Of Old College Friends Are Snowed In At A Hunting Lodge And Murder And Mayhem EnsueAll Of Them Are Friends One Of Them Is A KillerDuring The Languid Days Of The Christmas Break, A Group Of Thirtysomething Friends From Oxford Meet To Welcome In The New Year Together, A Tradition They Began As Students Ten Years Ago For This Vacation, They Ve Chosen An Idyllic And Isolated Estate In The Scottish Highlands The Perfect Place To Get Away And Unwind By ThemselvesThey Arrive On December Th, Just Before A Historic Blizzard Seals The Lodge Off From The Outside WorldTwo Days Later, On New Year S Day, One Of Them Is DeadThe Trip Began Innocently Enough Admiring The Stunning If Foreboding Scenery, Champagne In Front Of A Crackling Fire, And Reminiscences About The Past But After A Decade, The Weight Of Secret Resentments Has Grown Too Heavy For The Group S Tenuous Nostalgia To Bear Amid The Boisterous Revelry Of New Year S Eve, The Cord Holding Them Together SnapsNow One Of Them Is Dead And Another Of Them Did ItKeep Your Friends Close, The Old Adage Goes But Just How Close Is Too Close A New Year s Reunion In The Remote Scottish Wilderness The beautiful one The golden couple The volatile one The new parents The quiet one The city boy The outsiderOne of these friends is a murderer And one won t make it out alive JOIN THE PARTY NOW That was on the back of the ARC and it sums it up nicely I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway These people are supposed to be friends but I think they all lost that along the way I didn t like a particular person in the group, although there were a couple that were okay It seemed most of them had different secrets what else is new I liked the idea of being on a getaway to Scotland but not with a bunch of nuts, but real friends And of course, no hunting involved These crazies get snowed in and one dies who did it I know but I m not telling The story goes back and forth from a few days when they get there to January after the murder They were supposed to be having New Year s together What a way to ring in the new year I thought the book was okay and the location helped I m sure plenty of people will love it though Happy Reading Mel 3.5 stars The Hunting Party is an entertaining mystery about a group of seven friends who spend New Year s Eve in the Scottish Highlands at a hunting lodge By the end, one winds up dead changing all of their lives forever At the same time, a serial killer is on the loose, the lodge is unreachable due to an intense snowstorm, and some of the guests have lost their mindsThree couples and one singleton, all of whom became friends 10 years ago while attending Oxford University, travel from London to the Scottish Highlands for a NYE celebration While members of the group have been friends for quite some time, distance and other issues have resulted in deeply hidden resentments forming, inexcusable deceptions, and crazy craziness developing, all of which are revealed on this ill fated trip The mystery is not so much as why someone was murdered, but which one of these horrible people winds up dead it s easy to guess, but not fully revealed until close to the very end The Oxford characters are self centered, entitled elitists I was happy to learn that one of them wound up dead, although, at a certain point, I was hoping all would be killed The awful characters are not a deterrent, they made this fun to read The narrative alternates between Miranda, the Queen Bee, Emma, the mousey new girl trying so hard to fit in, Doug, the Gamekeeper harboring a deep, dark secret, and Heather, the lodge manager who is running from a tragedy In addition to switching POV s, the narrative also shifts between the past and the present It s a lot to keep up with I was a little confused in the beginning about why we were only seeing these characters POV s and I think that this could have been interesting having only one character narrate vs the multiple POVs Some of the characters are superfluous and could have been removed.With that being said, I enjoyed the snark and the underlying craziness Who is murdered and why they are murdered is a little predictable, but the other elements made this fun to read The dark, menacing environment of the lodge drew me in I was intrigued by the strange Icelandic couple, I wish they had played a bigger role Overall, this was an enjoyable and fun mystery that s fast paced and easy to read I look forward to reading of Lucy Foley s books in the future.I won a copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway You guys know I love my ass a closed room mystery This one features a remote location in Scotland over New Year s Eve with a crap ton of frenemies who harbor secrets, grudges and personality disorders I couldn t wait to find out who got conked, who did it, and why.I was not disappointed I listened to this on Audible and it was fantastic Even though the whole murder mystery taking place at a lodge in the middle of nowhere has been done countless times before, I honestly never get sick of it The combination of that feeling of isolation, the freezing cold weather, and a cast of characters in which everyone is a suspect, just works for me I really enjoyed this one and I was left guessing until the very end.A group of old college friends have gathered at a snow lodge in the Scottish Highlands to ring in the new year And of course soon after they arrive a terrible storm hits making it impossible for anyone to leave the area or on the flip side come to the lodge Someone winds up dead and the author puts a fresh twist to the classic whodunit by having the reader try to figure out the identities of the killer AND the victim In my opinion what made this story work was the cast of unlikable characters although that might be the exact reason why many readers didn t like this book Each character had a skeleton or two in their closet which made them a good suspect as well as potential victim The big reveal will probably not catch most people off guard as it s something most readers will have considered as a possibility But the reason the story was entertaining is there were than a few directions the author could have gone in and you can t really eliminate anything until you get pretty far into the book I didn t need a shocking ending to consider this an enjoyable read.If you enjoy whodunit mysteries and don t mind a story with unlikable characters, consider giving this one a try. I ve read this story approximately 1,000 times before, yet I still enjoyed it There s something about the Agatha Christie esque classic murder mystery that just ministers to my soul Pleased to announce that this is the ScaredSuspenseBookClub pick for March We are offering one finished hard copy in a giveaway on the account this is open internationally To follow along for discussions, updates, and to enter the giveaway, please follow scaredsuspensebookclub on Instagram 3 The set up is one we all recognize a group of friends get together at an isolated location for a reunion and someone winds up dead There is a killer on the loose Gasp As you get to know the characters, from the it girl to the successful mouse and everyone in between, just about anyone could be the killer or the corpse Add to this mix, a brooding caretaker with a violent past and we re off to the races Speaking of it girls, I predict this will be one of the it books of the season Flat out fun FOUR STARS for the story FIVE STARS for the audio production Don t you hate it when a murder ruins a perfectly fun vacation The Hunting Party is a modern version of the ancient locked room mystery trope Written beautifully in a haunting atmospheric style, we have a group of long time friends meeting up at a secluded wilderness resort to celebrate the new year One minute they re cracking the champagne bottles open and the next thing you know one of the friends is dead But who and whodunit EVERYONE is a suspect Let the mystery solving begin To be honest, this is NOT a thriller, but it IS a solidly creepy mystery with a fantastic reveal Very similar to Ruth Ware s In a Dark, Dark Wood, this story is a little accessible to an American reader in terms of identifying with the characters That said, the plot moves at a glacial pace and you cannot rush it Just curl up with a cocktail and soak up the journey I highly recommend the audio version The book is narrated by several different actors including the phenomenal Imogen Church AAAAHHHHHHHH those gorgeous British and Scottish accents are to die for This is a hugely enjoyable modern version of a classic golden age crime novel, a psychological thriller with the Christie like tropes of a country house, only here we have a remote and desolate exclusive hunting lodge situated next to a loch in the bleak and forbidding wintry landscapes of the Scottish Highlands There is a group of thirty something longstanding close friends from Oxford University, who for the last decade have always gathered together over the New Year period It begins with New Year s Day 2019, when gamekeeper, Doug and lodge manager, Heather, discover a missing guest on the estate, it is inescapably clear that it is no accident and that a murder has been committed Heavy and blustery snowstorms have cut the area off, and the police are unable to respond Without revealing who the victim is until near the end, the narrative goes back and forth over the days since the group arrive, revealing that below the surface of the jollity and apparent closeness of the friends, lurk dark murky secrets, questions about the supposed friendships between them, and exposure of the deep fissures that lay hidden from view Emma, a relative newbie to the group, and girlfriend of Mark, has organised the hunting lodge for the gathering in her desperate efforts to fit in and be accepted into this long established group of privileged and entitled individuals The beautiful, attention grabbing, and popular Miranda, with her good looking husband, Julien, are the enviable golden couple Samira and Giles are the couple with a 6 month daughter, Priya, that curtails their previous ability to be the total party animals they used to be Nick is gay, and has been in a long term relationship with his partner, American Bo, a man that has recovered from a history of drug addition The reserved Katie, a high powered London lawyer, is the single one, with a history of being the closest friend of the glamorous Miranda since schooldays, but her career has meant that recently they have seen little of each other Amidst the partying, binge drinking and drugs, secrets begin to emerge, lives unravel and the killer s identity slowly comes to be revealed.Lucy Foley writes a chilling atmospheric crime mystery, laden with an air of menace, set in the most beautiful of locations, but which carrys its own dangers with freezing conditions and snow blizzards As well as the Oxford group, there is the unexpected addition of two Icelanders at the lodge, Ingvar and Gudrun Heather has past trauma that triggered the move to work in the most loneliest of places, and Doug, an ex marine, still suffers from PTSD, leading him to seek the isolation of the estate as he cannot bear to be amongst other people Foley provides us with a diverse cast of characters as suspects trapped on the estate, with many in the Oxford group not being particularly likeable human beings This is a fabulously entertaining and riveting murder mystery that I am sure will appeal to many crime aficionados Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC. Let s say you are invited along on an outing with a bunch of friends you have known for a good portion of your life It s for a stay in an secluded, exclusive lodge that only accepts a very limited guest list throughout the year The problem is it is so secluded that you could get stuck there if the weather deems it so OMG no Hell no NO The Hunting Party is party then hunting, thank goodness As an animal lover I was a little concerned with the title Rest assured, there is only a very small portion of the book regarding that This group of rowdy friends are interested in partying and socializing which was fine by me.The weather took a turn for the worst and this group was stranded at the lodge This would have sent me into panic mode, no way in and no way out So when a dead body turns up, who did it It forces you as the reader to look into all the dynamics and relationships of the group of friends We are allowed a look into their past and this builds to the mystery of whom may have turned to violence in the group There is also only three workers at the lodge so that narrows it down as they are also suspects There is also the small detail of the serial killer that has been loose in the area Seriously These people went and stayed there Oh and there was no lock on the door on at least one of the bedrooms.Very early on we learn that there is a dead body and the book revolves around touching on all the characters pasts and personalities It is a very who dunnit type of murder mystery that will leave you searching for answers until the end This book was very atmospheric and a slow burn that kept building up until the truth was revealed I read this with a group of my Traveling Sisters as a group read Please check out what their thoughts are at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Thank you so much to Edelweiss, William Morrow and Lucy Foley for this ARC.