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Yet another author who tells and doesn t show It makes it so difficult to get into a story that way And there is repetition of conversations Just using different words How many times do they need to tell each other that they are single How many times do they have to talk about the same things over and over again Editing was atrocious Normally most authors use too much punctuation This one didn t use any except for the ending of sentences and dialogue No commas, semicolons Anywhere I found nothing redeeming about any of the characters No interest in their story Aliens who came to Earth to find female mates because their own females couldn t handle them Really This is the best your mind could come up with Just sad.Not continuing this series. DNF, okay I always try and give Authors the benefit of doubt, especially new author s This was just bad though It was very choppy and didn t flow right The characters seemed to talk in a wrong voice, was just off couldn t finish. Okay, so really not a great book It had some promise, especially with the hints of rough with the romance that didn t really eventuate past what a normal guy would do when horny Aran and Rena could have been great together but they just fell a little flat The dialogue is awkward, especially with the editing not being up to scratch as well A good idea that really just needed a lot work behind it to really let it get lift off. Like watching a train wreck.If you can get past the God awful lack of editing, the horrible sexy talk and over use of pet names, then the story isn t so bad I did even buy the second one The story has a lot of potential and I m sure with the help of an experienced editor, this series could be great. ET, Phone HomeAran, 6 5 and built like a body builder, has a secret He and his brothers run a security company , but they are actually aliens , created by scientists on another planet to be the ultimate warriors They are also billionaires, but they don t flaunt their wealth They fly under the radar The government on earth knows they are here, and often hires them to do their dirty, wet work They go to earth in search of mates, but only a certain mate will do Their mates must be big women, s able to take the pounding and the strong grip and roughness of their huge human alien bodies They are also terrifying shifters, but of course they spend most of their time in human form.So far, only Aran has met a suitable woman Rena is a tall, big boned black woman, she is 32, and has basically given up on finding love She is a computer whiz, she works at a company where she uses her skills to investigate employees for internal theft She knows someone is embezzling, but she hasn t figured out who yet.When Aran meets her at a company party he put on to find potential mates, he knows she is the one.He s aggressive in pursuing her, and soon they are an item.Aran loves phone sex, and he and Rena spend a lot of their times apart engaging in it She has seen him shift and has accepted him, because he is hers.Aran still has one secret he is hiding from her, he wants to make her pregnant but he has to bite her to bring about the necessary changes.Aran s a big, bad naaasssty alien hiding in a human body He s a pounder , a slammer , a biter, and he loves Rena so much he will kill for her Git yer spurs on, Rena YEHAW Ride em Bareback , Cowgirl This is an interesting book, with an atypical heroine It all takes place on Earth, where the alien men have escaped to, to find a new life Some of the dialogue is hokey and stilted but overall I enjoyed the story.Read with KINDLE UNLIMITED for an honest review. This story had a unique concept that I liked the idea of the reason for a 2 star rating , but there were so many things wrong with this book as a whole Starting with flow, it was awful, stop go thru the whole thing, it really was hard to finish reading this for that reason alone World building was not good, I was pretty lost trying to figure things out There were a lot of plot holes, that made it feel like a rough draft than a finished book There was a huge issue with wording not making sense in places, editing beta readers should have caught most of that I d be reading along, hit a sentence, or sometimes a paragraph that made absolutely no sense There were also a lot of mistaken his that should have been her or vice versa , the dialogues didn t flow well, they felt stiff and not like it would actually have felt to be spoken out loud The POV kept changing it was not chapter to chapter, sometimes from sentence to sentence, sometimes paragraph to paragraph , which made it confusing to follow who was voicing their thoughts or speaking.There were some things in the story that just should have been left out, as they did not add to the story in my opinion, felt like the author just wanted to add to the story somehow whether to make it bizarre alien ish or just to up the story somehow, even if it made no sense to add it in like the nipple ring things, maybe trying to make this BDSM or the feeler things on his penis just too weird to even want to contemplate, just gross in my mind The sex scenes were mostly boring seemed to center on abusing her boobs, her being manhandled not just rough but to the point of pain bruising, or the his her pleasure coming back from the feeler things on his penis ALL the characters seemed to change drastically from strong, to wimpy nerdy attitudes There was a lot of ideas that helped add to the conflict of character personality Example a warrior bred to kill fight that plays video games for fun just seemed nerdy not warrior like I would expect them to train, spar, work out, play at extreme physical sports, not play video games I sorta liked Aran his brothers, but I was not thrilled with Rena or her friend, Dee Both girls seemed too childish, self absorbed annoying for 30 some year old women Their relationship should have been evolved as best friends, almost as much as the brothers were The characters really didn t develop a real personality or evolve thru the story I would not even consider reading the next book in the series, as I almost did not finish this one Definitely would not recommend spending money to buy this. What an amazing little novel I read it within a few hours because I was so addicted to this amazing storyline that this author has created for us This author immediately pulls you into Rena and Aran s amazing story, leaving no room for you not to become addicted to their amazing lovestory.Erotic but definitely amazing.Rena what a very complicated and difficult woman but so smart and intelligent that you cannot love her.And Aran holy moly just reading about him makes my mouth water He is one truly amazing character who when you first read his character has no hope for finding his true love and his mate But by the end of this story is sure he has.I absolutely love this author and cannot wait to read of these booksI have read similar unconventional erotic love stories that I would never thought would appeal to me Im so trying not let out spoilers but if you love scifi and action mixed with love and erotica this is a must read.5 amazing stars &Free Epub ⇥ Aran (Love Me Harder #1) ⇺ Aran has come to a new planet looking for something he couldn t find on his Rena has given up on love and men in general She has a good life and plans to enjoy every moment of it When she meets Aran everything changes She desires the life she gave up on When Rena starts to think she can have it all, she realizes someone wants to make sure she never gets a chance at a happy ending Can Aran and Rena figure out what s happening in time for them to have a chance at forever This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Frank Williams she realizes someone wants to make sure she never gets a chance at a happy ending Can Aran and Rena figure out what s happening in time for them to have a chance at forever This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. This book is fabulous Rena and Aran are wonderful characters All of Aran s brothers and Dante are introduced and I know they ll all eventually find their mates There are a few grammar editing issues I m instead of I am in a couple of spots where I am is correct , but for me who is a grammar fiend I was able to overlook them because the story and characters are so flipping wonderful I loved the backstory for Aran and his brothers, Rena s personal growth and the idea of alien s living among us I ve read the series before and loved it, but I felt the need to re read the whole thing to be sure I was up to date before I moved on to another of her series I m definitely a Serena Simpson fan. When it comes to alien romances, I have to be in the right mood to really enjoy them to their fullest In the case of this book, the blurb intrigued me, as well as the recommendation of several reading author friends A genetically modified group of alien brothers owns a security company and the main leader runs into Rena at one of his company parties She s there with her best friend, and the sparks immediately start flying What follows is an independent, highly damaged woman who faces many challenges, but when she finally realizes she now has a family surrounding her, she can handle anything.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and hope that all the brothers find their mates