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Yes that was yummy a great start to a wonderful series long time since I have read this one and it is time to revisit great writing style, interesting characters short and sweet Definitely HOT Loved knowing how Brick and Melanie got started Wish there wereThank you for sharing this. This was perfect Short sweet and sexy I smiled the whole time reading it Yes, it was very short one but still is it too much to expect the story to make sense Nice beginning for Brick and Mel I m reading Arrow, and they are already happily married with kids I felt a little lacking when it came to their love story, so I doubled back to this 19 page gem. 3.5 starscute short story about Mel and Brick. Free Short story Listed as first in the Marauders series reading order Good, but not a lot going on Could easily be skipped, but it s good, short, and free so I recommend. ^FREE PDF ↝ M-Theory: A Marauders Short Story ☔ M Theory This theory combines the five different string theories into one It states that strings are reallydimensional slices of adimensional membrane vibrating indimensional space and that the five different versions of string theory might describe the same thing seen from different perspectivesIn plain text it s a fucking mysteryThis is a short story that can be found on the Freak Circle Press blogtp freakcirclepress