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I was looking for information on the history of the planes and how they got there, and then how they are now.What I got was mostly the people who found them and their drama It s a cool story but I don t really care if those two guys didn t agree about something and this person left a couple days early That part of a Robert Ballard book was always kinda boring, it it s usually 40% Here it s 90%. This is such a fascinating story, all the way from the aircraft initially landing on the ice cap through to the ultimate recovery of one of the P38s It is a little disappointing that the book doesn t cover through till Glacier Girl actually flew again but if you do read it you ll probably get an inkling as to why this may have happened There aren t many adventures like this left not a bad bookof a coffee table book with a good story. (Read Book) µ The Lost Squadron: A True Story ï A lavishly illustrated work records the amazing reclamation of a fleet of American World War II warplanes buried in ice in Greenland since the war and recovered by two amateur aviation enthusiasts