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The first time I saw him fettered there in the dark, I wept Janine Ashbless Above is the opening line of Janine Ashbless s theological erotic romance, Cover Him With Darkness Is theological erotic romance a category Well, it should be Until then, let s go with paranormal erotic romance and hope Ashbless and others create a new genre Cover Him With Darkness concerns Milja who s in love hate love with a fallen angel, Azazel, whose misfortune parallels both Prometheus and Loki, depending on your preferred mythology By the time Milja s father reveals the family secret to his seven year old daughter, that their family has guarded this prisoner for centuries, Azazel has remained bound naked to a rock underground for five thousand years He is likely still alive because Milja s family have tended to him Also, Azazel is an angel, which means he s not only robust than humans but better looking, too He s off the Richter Scale gorgeous So we now have a super gorgeous naked angel bound by his wrists and ankles to a stone slab I don t know about you, but that image works for me It will last me for days, weeks even.Likewise, I found something sweet, tender, and erotically charged about a girl, now aware of the family secret, who braves the caverns beneath her father s church, and behind her father s back nonetheless, to look upon and tend the prisoner Things get touchy, of course Moreover, Milja s father has made it clear they are never, under any circumstance, to free the prisoner Divine Rule I enjoyed Cover Him With Darkness for many reasons First, the author offers us a suspenseful and sexy page turner The premise is genius The opening pages cast a spell on me same way Azazel cast a spell on Milja from his compromised position on that rock I also enjoyed a particular dream beginning on page 125, which we may as well call Holy Smokes Hot This one is burned in my brain for future reference Thank you, Janine Ashbless What is most brilliant, however, about Cover Him With Darkness, is the story s moral ambiguity I was never sure who was good and who was evil, and even Milja declares as much near the end of the book when faced with a decision Azazel or no Azazel She says, I don t know if he s on the right side, and I don t know if he s a good guy, but she chooses her fallen angel, which feels like the right choice given what we know don t know at the same time, her choice feels precarious Love It Moral ambiguity to this degree makes the story and the characters involved complex and interesting One thing Then his weight came down over me like the slow press of a mountain on the spaces beneath the earth I dig this line so much as a parallel image, as extended metaphor, as lyric XO. I really enjoyed this book, it s one of the best books I ve read in a while And will buy the rest of the set. @READ PDF í Cover Him With Darkness â In a remote and mountainous part of Europe, a priest keeps a dark secret beneath his chapel a prisoner Even the holy man does not know how long he has been there hundreds of years, perhaps, or even longer The priest s fear is that anyone in his parish would ever come in contact with his mysterious and unholy charge But what happens is even worse than he could have ever imagined His lovely young daughter Milja, whose innocence and devotion to God he prizes over all else, trails her father into the cavern and catches a glimpse of the prisoner, a beautiful being like the most handsome of men, and yet not She looks into his eyes and sees pain and wisdom and eternity Unable to keep away from this silent creature chained to an altar stone, she is torn between family loyalty and her growing connection to their prisoner One day her father discovers their forbidden intimacy and sends Milja off to America to be raised by her aunt in Boston Cover Him with Darkness is a dark and thrilling story of an archangel banished from heaven and the human woman with whom he falls in love. Strategic Management: Concepts, Decisions, Cases a priest keeps a dark secret beneath his chapel a prisoner Even the holy man does not know how long he has been there hundreds of years Führungskraft: Erfolgreiche Mitarbeiterführung durch emotionale Intelligenz und praxisnahe Methoden - Bonus Übungen für erfolgreiche Mitarbeitergespräche (Organisation, Führung und Leadership, Band 2) perhaps Unbreakable Bond or even longer The priest s fear is that anyone in his parish would ever come in contact with his mysterious and unholy charge But what happens is even worse than he could have ever imagined His lovely young daughter Milja Answer Key To Robert Krohn's English Sentence Structure whose innocence and devotion to God he prizes over all else Creation and Anarchy: The Work of Art and the Religion of Capitalism trails her father into the cavern and catches a glimpse of the prisoner R Companion to Elementary Applied Statistics a beautiful being like the most handsome of men One Half from the East and yet not She looks into his eyes and sees pain and wisdom and eternity Unable to keep away from this silent creature chained to an altar stone Travels with a Tangerine: From Morocco to Turkey in the Footsteps of Islam's Greatest Traveler she is torn between family loyalty and her growing connection to their prisoner One day her father discovers their forbidden intimacy and sends Milja off to America to be raised by her aunt in Boston Cover Him with Darkness is a dark and thrilling story of an archangel banished from heaven and the human woman with whom he falls in love. DNF I read about 90 pages I received this as an ARC.I thought the premise sounded amazing falling in love with a fallen angel , but I was very confused with the part of the book that I did read.The issues I had the book s setting is a tiny little village in a tiny little country, which made it feel like it took place in the 1800 s, but then, Milja, is sent away to college in the United States on an airplane She flies back when her father is ill and then she releases the angel and everyone turns on her Just a lot of conflicting aspects.Try Darynda Jones First Grave on the Right for laugh out loud read about the son of satan. I received an ARC via the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you Cover Him With Darkness told a much different darker, suspenseful, and well crafted tale that I had anticipated I ll admit that initially I had no expectations going into this, as I was unfamiliar with this author, but let me tell you that it won t be my last Author Janine Ashbless throws in her A game as readers are greeted with a great storyline and cast of characters that pact that will reel you in from the beginning There were shocks, there were interesting surprised, but most of all it gave off a mysterious feel for me I REALLY enjoyed the female heroine Milja, as she was different And even so, I loved Azazel He was so multifaceted with a multitude of dimension that you had no idea what to expect next from him He could be cold, he could be provocative and canny, and interestingly, he could be sensitive as well I just didn t know what was going to was going to come out of this banished archangel I definitley will be on the lookout for as I m curious as to what will be in the cards Great start Ms Ashbless 3 stars Above average for creativity But parts were too dark for me.The dark parts bad guys torture and imprison good guys More than once bad guys threaten saying do what we want or we will kill your loved one I m ok with some of that, but this was too much for me I don t like a lot of time being helpless and hopeless Some readers want dark, so this could be good for them.I loved the creativity with godlike fallen angels among us There are several biblical quotes that related to angels actions and motivations There was good mystery At the end I had unanswered questions but I didn t mind not knowing.Biblical quotes and priests being bad guys might be unsettling for some readers.The sex is dark It s uncomfortable The guy causes pain like hair pulling He forces her to have sex in front of others and shows her body to others She is humiliated but also turned on by this In one scene he forces her to pleasure another man.It s told in first person by Milja She is 23 There is a lot of internal angst So it felt like New Adult.DISCLOSURE I received a complimentary copy from Elelweiss for review.DATA Narrative mode 1st person Milja Kindle count length 3,084 256 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 7 Setting current day Europe and Boston, Mass Copyright 2014 Genre erotic paranormal new adult. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsI ve been dying to write a review for Cover Him With Darkness by Janine Ashbless, The Book of the Watchers 1 The 2 reasons why I wanted to read this was, that it apparently had a fallen angel in it, a theme I really love and the title caught my eyes.Now, prior to reading this, I had no idea Cover Him With Darkness is a line from the Book of Enoch, that connects to the fallen angel, Azazel and how he was banished for eternity for corrupting the human race My idea about these references is vague at best, which is why I ll stick to the story itself I did some internet search while reading this book, to learn about Azazel His is even vague In some places he s called a fallen angel, in some a demon, in others he s even referred to as Satan The only thing I got from it all that you re not supposed to consort with the likes of him, especially if you re not equipped to play with his fire LOL Fortunately, the book itself did a good job of giving me an idea of him, albeit fiction wise He was a tough to like character, let alone love I have read some fallen angel stories before, but the fallen angel in question had won my heart nonetheless I wasn t even sure how Azazel can be a hero when he s such a brilliant douchebag But WOW, the flow of the story was so good that I had to keep reading to know what s coming next.Cover Him With Darkness is a fast paced story that tells you about a girl named Milja of Montenegro, and how her life changes dramatically when she releases The Prisoner of her childhood memories and broken adult dreams.The prologue was incredible I had shivers as I was reading it, just as I had pretty much throughout It gives us an idea I was thinking of Blizarrd s Diablo II animations, old but still gold of how this Prisoner was imprisoned in the first place.A winged bull and a lion, an eagle and a man, or so they seemed like, carry this beaten up thing that vaguely looked like a human form, to a mountain top He was, in fact, so badly beaten up and so small comparing to his captors that you couldn t tell Then, they proceed to bind him with these bloody rope like things, do some unbelievable things that can only be termed as torture But the man still seemed alive, though in severe pain, through it all They just leave him there, bound, buried, hopeless in the soft rain or that s the dream Milja had woken up to for many years, with her pillows wet from tears Just imagine if it was your dreamMilja remembers the prisoner, and somehow knows this is all connected to him The story then moves forward with her narratives, telling us how her gentle, priest of a father used to take a young Milja to this mountain prison held directly under their own small, lonesome dwelling on a mountaintop, close to a small village How Milja grew up seeing the prisoner, seemingly alive, hurt, naked, tightly tied to the rocks of his prison The open sky overhead would give a magnificent view, but that s all he has gotten for eternity Or so her father told her He told her that it was their heritage, a deeply guarded secret not even the church knew of That they have to guard this bad thing with their life if necessary, so that it never escapes and wrecks havoc on the world Little Milja didn t know how can a man who looked just like a man, so broken and helpless, can harm anyone She didn t know for a while who this being actually was but her soft heart would cry out for him because she knew he watched her when she was there with her father when he would sometimes feed him a little or wash his face.As she grew older, Milja s perspective, however, changes Because she was sort of forced to grow up so secluded and lonely, her only escape was to go down to the prison and pay a visit to the prisoner And he knew whenever she was there, softly, hesitatingly calling out her name in a rough, barely used voice Milja somehow knew her destiny was stitched with him, that somehow they d be together someday As an adult, even knowing Azazel s sins thanks to her father s teachings she s good at those references , Milja still couldn t help but feel for his plight She couldn t imagine the eternities he d spend here, all alone, in this way It simply broke her heart No amount of her father s caution, that he d play a fool out of her for his own selfish gains, changed Milja s feelings.Then one day, at 18, she was caught It was also Milja s first education in erotic sensations because she had always imagined him naked, even when she didn t know what she was looking for She only wanted to clean him a little and feed him, which turned into a kiss, and a little but when he father finds out, he s furious, scared even The result Milja is finds herself plane bound to Boston to live with a distant cousin.You can t imagine how excited I was when I was reading these parts He was like a calling for Milja, who definitely wanted to do something about Azazel But soon I discovered that the story wasn t going exactly how I envisioned it d go That Azazel is no Knight in Shining Armor, at least for a long while in the storyWhen the words reach a couple of years later that her father is gravely ill, Mijla returns to her small village By then, she has finished her studies in the U.S and has a job She was even briefly engaged to this American guy But the demise of this relationship, very unsurprisingly, was another erotic dream of Milja about the Prisoner I won t tell you how but she just knew that she can t be with anyone else It was, as if, he was always connected to her in some otherworldly way Why her exactly, that though, Milja didn t know.From the moment she sets foot at her village, Milja s life turns upside down, quite literally First, she finds her father gravely ill After the very emotional reunion, she s left to take care of her father s business, which leads her to their home Milja feels nostalgic, a bit lost too but also a secretive exhilaration because her father told her he s still there She can t wait to visit him once again Milja s reunion with her Prisoner was another scene to behold She was so overwhelmed seeing him again, and the longing in his eyes, that she doesn t think twice before cutting off his bonds It was impulsive, yet a simple urge She just couldn t take the impact of that connection between them and everything starts unraveling even before she could process what was happening Azazel not only gains his old self back in matter of minutes, if not seconds, he also seems preoccupied Though he kisses Milja again and again, as if he has stalked some kinda claim on her, Azazel s true intention is never really known until, well, I really can t tell you how odd the next scenes were that they took me by complete surprise However foolish or illogical that was, Milja wanted him in a way that she can t even explain If anyone knows Azazel as it s referred in the book than once that he s also the instigator of carnal sins They do have sex in a heartbeat, on an open place where anyone can see, thanks to his transportation It was rough and so unexpected that Milja was left breathless in disbelief But nothing flabbergasted her or me than this Azazel then just vanishes into thin air, leaving Milja just like that No sweet words or cuddling, no goodbyes Just nada He s gone.Huh I was plain horrified by his behavior I was like WTF is this To pay for her father s medical bills, Milja goes to sell some valuable artifacts from the temple a step instigated by her father himself to pay for the expenses of her studies This was supposed to be a somewhat fuzzily guided secret transaction with a local black market guy that her father used to know Sadly, the transaction goes awry and Milja finds herself as the target of the church, not only for selling church properties illegally but also, for unleashing an evil creature upon the world that just might lead to its ruin On the run, Milja suddenly finds a friend Egan, the guy she met on the plane journey back here I always thought he seeing Milja at the same time she was escaping those church people, was rather very convenient and it proved to be true later in the story But at this moment, she had not one friendly face around her When somehow, after a chaotic day, she returns to the hospital where her father was at that moment, Azazel decides to drop by, as if to claim his territory Milja s heart still beats faster seeing his tanned skin and ethereal gray eyes, the leanly handsome face that doesn t show many emotions But the eyes tell her that he wants her and Milja can t help but burn But after all that s happened to her and since his abandonment, the logical part of Milja is mad What occurs after that, is everyone else knowing what she had done Azazel on the other hand, seems completely confused by this hatred of him Well, he did seem like a zombie to me, as if his brain couldn t process why she was not ecstatic to have been becoming his wife or fianc e, something like that He claims her as such in front of a crowd, which is how Milja is forced to face the ages old superstitions and gut wrenching hatred of her own people, earning her the title the Demon s Whore But Milja doesn t care about anyone except for her father, his disappointed face while he watched helpless as an angry Azazel calls him father in law sarcastically before he abandons her once again, telling her to make up her mind I was having another of my WTF moments there, as in, am I supposed to call this thing a hero And what part is Egan going to play in this mess The answers begin to unravel in the next few chapters, fast and furious First of all, Milja s father dies that night, which she knew was a murder by the church people She had a vague recollection of watching them going into his room before falling asleep exhausted Then she s wakes to a rude awakening when her own family turns on her She s forced to flee once again to Egan He willingly helps her, giving her a home to stay After that, their journey to flee from those fanatics takes them all over Montenegro and beyond Egan seemed like any girl s dream come true young and handsome, blue eyed blonde with an Irish heritage He also seemed to be reluctant to touch Milja unless necessary I mean, there was this hesitant attraction between her and Egan, I even cheered for that for a while, seeing how our other hero was not in sight unless in Milja s dirty, pervy erotic dreams, where they d have sex in public I was pretty sure it was all Azazel s doing So, yah, I was not as excited about him as I thought I would be.Milja and Egan s frenzied journey comes to a stop just before them leaving for Italy, as planned by Egan, who seemed to have contacts to seek help from and an unending supply of money Milja at that point had nothing to do but trust him with her life I was really feeling for her, yet I was also completely confused as to where this is going Where was that big piece of fallen angel jerk when she needed his help I mean how could anyone hurt her when he seemed to be so possessive her WTF When they re attacked, Milja on a desperate attempt to save Egan from these men, calls out to Azazel strongly And THAT is when he comes to her in flight, as if realizing for the first time that she s in danger, unleashing his wrath on the whole party He saves Milja but as the douche he is, leaves Egan behind or should I call it jealousy Milja is supremely unhappy and I couldn t blame her She at first demands answers from him, and Azazel simply tells her he had NO IDEA that she was in danger That he doesn t have those powers to track, unless she calls out to him That is only when he can know Also, that the erotic dreams weren t instigated by him, but by Milja s own dirty desires, though Azazel definitely enjoyed playing along Then, Milja demands that he save Egan if he loves her a bit The style of that demand sets something completely off and Azazel is angry at her, once again This time he was surely surprised and deeply hurt and leaves her once again Milja later finds out she s in Boston, standing atop her own apartment building, out of the harm s way at least for now.Milja couldn t get out of there without a passport or money, but she had nothing on her when her boyfriend dumped her here But in her dreams, she keeps seeing Azazel, who keeps unraveling once each time and a story bit by bit of a fallen angel who fell in love with a human woman, had children with her millions of years ago, comes into view Milja becomes jealous knowing he had loved someone so much before her, drenched in confusion, not knowing his real feelings for her She wanted his love, but would that wish ever come true What Milja didn t know was the next part of the story that was full of tragedies, and lead to Azazel s eternal imprisonment.This time Milja seeks help from Uriel Though she d met him a few times before, and he s an opponent of Azazel, she had no other option Uriel obviously didn t want to but she convinces him Uriel finds Egan s whereabouts and transports Milja there But before that, the next part of Azazel s story seem to open up before her, I m not sure with what Divine Intervention It was full of such compelling scenes, only Milja was there seeing it as if for real a silent spectator that no one saw or heard It was about how Azazel s family was killed, and how he was bound in that mountaintop A bloody, explosive war between him and Archangel Raphael the bad and the good If only one peeked behind the scenes, one would know what was really happening a grieving father burning down the world around him, fighting the murderer of his family After that, I knew Milja had a positively deep understanding of Azazel s mood swings, also why he got mad at her on that rooftop Why he seems so dejected every time they met in one dream or the other, thinking he would never have her love Milja wasn t nice to him on occasions because he didn t help Egan That was going to change now, but first, Milja needs to save Egan, her only friend in this whole mess She hands herself over to those fanatics in hopes of saving Egan, not knowing anything about their plan Turns out, they wanted to bind Azazel again, this time in a way that he d die for sure No better way to acquire it than to bring in his whore, right The last chapters are superbly action filled, with loads of twists and turns that surprised me over and over again All hell breaks loose when Azazel FINALLY gets involved for the ultimate showdown to save his girl There were bitterness and betrayal, not to mention Egan s disappointing revelation Cover Him With Darkness has a slight erotic undertone, yet Milja and Azazel have sex only twice for real in the whole story Still it was hot, I loved it But what I loved most was the ending where Milja had to choose just how far she s willing to fall with her angel After all was said and done, there was this hauntingly heartbreaking scene here that I have to mention when Milja sees her father again, which I felt was Azazel s gift to her so that she can make peace with herself It brought tears to my eyes So, did Azazel prove he would do anything for Milja when it comes down to that I believe he did Though they were kept separated throughout most of the story, and there were instances where I thought this one s going down, I d like to congratulate the author for slapping it back on my face twice over The ending is pretty much open, so I m hoping the next book comes out soon It was hinted at the end that Azazel is thinking of doing something for his brothers I can t wait to find out 4.5 stars and recommended. Amazing This author can really write Being raised a Roman Catholic and now being a born again pagan this book brought back all of the memories and reasons that I left the Catholic church I would like to know how any WASP s reading this felt My doctor is Serbian and Orthodox Catholic so this story intrigued me even because of that This book raises the questions What is good and What is evil This story will have you thinking one thing and turn it around and have you believe another This book is so intense, had life not gotten in the way I could have read it in a day I love a book that teaches me things about a location or country like this book did It had me going to Google Earth to check out the country and terrain This author uses words that I am unfamiliar with and I love that as well I would love to see this book made into a movie The CGI and special effects would be so incredible to see This book can be read as a standalone but the end leaves you wondering what might happen next I have so many books in my TBR but I really want to read the other two books in this trilogy ASAP The entire trilogy is written in 1st person from Milja s POV. Cover him with Darkness is so, so good I m still getting over the fact that this book is over The book blurb is so different from the actual book I wasn t too invested in the book when I read the blurb but holy shit I m so glad I read the book.Cover Him with Darkness starts out dark and REMAINS dark throughout the book I love the way the author has taken these concepts of the Bible that we know and learn about and turned them into this completely amazing book.Milja is from a small town in Montenegro The entire country is half the size of Connecticut so there s not much that can happen here, right Wrong.About five thousand years ago, the Fallen Angel Azazel was captured and kept prisoner in a small church basement in Montenegro Now, almost five thousand years later, he s still here Weak and in complete agony And now his care is the responsibility of Milja s father.There s something about this book that will keep you hooked Maybe it s pity for Azazel Maybe it s the games he plays with Milja Or maybe it s Egan, the mysterious guy who s so, so easy to love.I couldn t decide until the very end of the book whether or not I liked Azazel There s this very true line in the book It goes something like who wouldn t come out of 5000 years of captivity unchanged So true It seems like his years of being a prisoner have only made him resentful, angry and damaged Not to forget, horny.Oh yeah, he s horny alright fans self God bless Milja s restless self, but I do think the lady makes BAD choices Although again, I completely sympathize with her She s seen Azazel at his weakest, she s fed him, cleaned his wounds, and she s been in love with him all her life She s also given him a hand job, but she obviously didn t mean to Obviously Azazel is a Fallen Angel He is evil But you can t help but feel bad for him I think his only fault was falling in love with a human woman and he s than paid for it But maybe that s just me He s also kind of an asshole.There s just one phrase that comes to mind when I think about Egan Victim of Circumstance I won t tell you the whole deal about him because that would ruin the surprise but he s a sweet, simple guy who s maybe in love with Milja But he s competing against an Angel so we know he s doomed.There s brief appearances by Archangel Uriel too another asshole but he s funny Selfish and there s only yap yap yap with him but he s kind of the person to side with whoever would favor him He believes that Azazel needs to be captured and made prisoner again but he himself is kind of a jerk so I, for one, ignored his opinion all throughout There s good things in the book and there s better things in the book I for one couldn t find one thing I didn t like I have, although, seen reviews of people leaving the book halfway because it was religious, so if you re not into that kind of a thing, this book isn t for you.In my opinion, this book isn t the stereotypical Christian Fiction So if you re open to reading about Fallen Angels and forbidden love or just some amazingly shmexy times, go for it The book is a standalone right now, but the fact that the author has left the ending open gives me hope for a sequel And makes me very, very happy.Final verdict Sweet Bejeezus, this book has everything It has hot sex and drama and romance and suspense And Action I couldn t ask for 5 stars Find this review and at Rhea s Neon Journal I wasn t entirely sure what to expect with this book when I first agreed to read it I admittedly haven t read too many books that deal with angels, fallen or otherwise All that being said, Ashbless has set the bar for my expectations of angelic paranormal romance I positively loved Cover Him with Darkness.A large part of why I liked this book lies in the settings It s set in a modern world, with the lead character Milja going to school in Boston However, her home is a remote village in Montenegro that seems like it s set centuries ago There s no running water or electricity, everyone knows everyone and everyone s business , religion is still very close to the heart of the village, which is in the mountains It s charming in a rustic kind of way, and if we re being completely honest, put me a little in mind of Belle s village in Beauty and the Beast I really liked this old fashioned setting mixed with the modern world of cell phones, airplanes, and the internet.The other main reason why I liked this book is simply Azazel, the fallen angel He is deceptive and possessive and absolutely dreamy What does that say about my own character Eh That s a discussion for a different day, I think He s seduction and evil manifested into one body and much like Milja, I didn t want to be attracted to him but I found it to be impossible Mmm.If you are really devout or easily offended by blasphemy, let me tell you something, this is not the book for you Fortunately, I am neither of those things and am a bit of a closeted heirophiliac myself If you don t know what that means Don t Google Image search it I warned you This in short means adding an erotic, lusty love to a church setting is just my type of reading fun But don t let that fool you It s clear that there s a lot of study and familiarity with religious texts present in this book I appreciated that I wasn t just expected to know passages or scripture quotes I m a little rusty these days There s a lot of lust in this book, yes, but there s also quite a bit of action and suspense that left me wanting to read I finished this book in a manner of hours simply because I didn t want to put it down The pacing is excellent, and there s hardly a dull moment when it comes to fallen angels who have escaped from their prison.Overall, this book is just really well written I liked the characters I liked the settings I enjoyed the steamier romance scenes and all of the Biblical holy knowledge that was sprinkled in throughout the text It s good story telling, plain and simple This isn t my first time reading a story by Janine Ashbless I actually highlighted her short stories in my review of The Sexy Librarian s Big Book of Erotica Anything for You , but I sincerely hope to read full length books like this one from her I will also, after I finish this review, go back and read the original short story of Cover Him with Darkness.This is a good book for anyone who likes the combination of sin, angels, sex, romance, domination, religious ideals, and steam Thanks so much to Tempted Romance Cleis Press for my copy in exchange for my honest review This review can also be found on my blog, Bitches n Prose.