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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♀ Oh, Baby! ♰ Dimitri and Benny Free Read Touch Not the Cat Baby! ♰ Dimitri and Benny Free Read It was nice to get the guy, the dads, perspective when they went to the doctor s I m curious if his final prediction turns out to be true. Cute short read of what happened after Dimitri and Benny found out they were pregnant The first doctors visit and their reactions to the info Short simple read. Short and very sweet loved it. all the Dimitri s stories is so boring.. Short and quick read Loved it This was a cute little read Dimitri just keeps getting hotter in my opinion lolTheir first doctors appointment and ultrasound to see their baby they re both so happy to become parents it was nice to see as a parent myself it s fun to relive those moments and hear other people s tales even if they re just fiction cute read, I love all these men Ok, that was really cute I loved Dimitri already but that short story was a completely different side of him and I just fell in love with him all over again Ridiculously cute Well worth the read I loved the whole series This is book one, short and sweet I love the Russian Protectors, they love and protect their women and put them and their safety above all else The books however also have action and drama and absolutely riveting.Benny was kick ass, jumped into the fray with her man I loved that about her Great Series I recommend it, worth the read. I love these short little stories that give us a glimpse into the characters lives beyond their book Watching Dimitri get that first look at his baby on the monitor was precious Thanks Roxie This and several others can be found FREE on Roxie s website.All read