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Ground Mission by Laylah Hunter 4 stars A mission, creepy aliens, tentacles and two charismatic guys Wildwood by Thea Hayworth 4.5 stars My favorite Still a bit teary eyed Loved Irsing Dark Covenant by Gryvon 2.5 stars Didn t really like the MC s and some parts of the story view spoiler And not because of the rape scenes hide spoiler Short Review Rating Mean Value 3.96 stars Single Stories 4.33 stars Ground Mission 4.67 stars Wildwood 2.50 stars Dark Covenant 4.33 stars Situation Normal Genre Intersting anthology with both fantasy and sci fi romance short stories involving tentacle sex in different variations.Content Advisory All stories Containing sex non rape involving tentacles in different forms and interpretations Dark Covenant Contains non tentacle rape non con.Infos Impressions General This was a No Risk No Fun buy some time agoand got positively surprised by this one Ground Mission and Situation Normal are short episodes about the respective main characters and have potential to be expanded to good full sci fi novels or at least novellas that I d love to read Ground Mission Quick, funny, and endearing sci fi romance Wildwood This was my favorite in spite of the slightly bittersweet touch with a great romantic fantasy story Also this one felt the most complete Dark Covenant Not my thing and too dark for my taste Situation Normal Fluffy and funny sci fi story on the smutty side.Further Reviews I agree with Heller s reviewNova s review #Download Ebook á All Wrapped Up ⛄ Tentacles are a taboo subject for most, something most people look at from between their fingers as they hide But for a growing number of people, it s a subject that is fascinating and sexy Tentacle erotica has been around for ages, from The Dream of the Fisherman s Wife to Demon Beast Invasion it s a genre that is here to stay All Wrapped Up explores this genre through the lens of gay erotic romance, offering four science fiction and fantasy stories featuring tentacled heroes in all their wiggly glory.The men in Ground Mission are podmates, a matched set Simon Pollux, the lethal scout, and Adrian Lovasz, his willing and evenlethal combat specialist In the midst of exploring an alien world, Simon is infected with an alien virus to what lengths will Adrian go to ensure Simon s comfort In the wood locked town of Orm, ranger Koster meets the mysterious Irsing the guardian of the forest Is he the one letting the forest turn to wilds, or is the forest turning to wilds on its own In Wildwood, Koster aims to do whatever it takes to set things right.Eli exchanges his a life of poverty in Dark Covenant when tricked into signing a contract giving himself to the masters of the Academy His body, his movement, his life is theirs to do with as they wish, until the enigmatic Eramus offers Eli his power if Eli will join with him Sebastian Reed lives on the legal limits in Situation Normal, barely scraping by in his hunk of junk ship until a Peace Officer, Ten, commandeers his ship and his body Not that Sebastian minds, except for wondering exactly where it is that Ten means to take him. Paul Graham something most people look at from between their fingers as they hide But for a growing number of people de Interrogationibus Obliquis Apud Ciceronem Observationes Selectae it s a subject that is fascinating and sexy Tentacle erotica has been around for ages A Trip to the Zoo from The Dream of the Fisherman s Wife to Demon Beast Invasion it s a genre that is here to stay All Wrapped Up explores this genre through the lens of gay erotic romance Las mejores anécdotas del Barça (Deportes) offering four science fiction and fantasy stories featuring tentacled heroes in all their wiggly glory.The men in Ground Mission are podmates To Love Again (Bound Hearts a matched set Simon Pollux All He Needed the lethal scout A Christmas to Remember and Adrian Lovasz Step In his willing and evenlethal combat specialist In the midst of exploring an alien world The Amazing Hairstyles Book Simon is infected with an alien virus to what lengths will Adrian go to ensure Simon s comfort In the wood locked town of Orm Le destin funeste de Michael Rockefeller ranger Koster meets the mysterious Irsing the guardian of the forest Is he the one letting the forest turn to wilds Prinzipien in der Philosophie or is the forest turning to wilds on its own In Wildwood The Vampire Diaries Koster aims to do whatever it takes to set things right.Eli exchanges his a life of poverty in Dark Covenant when tricked into signing a contract giving himself to the masters of the Academy His body The Bodies Just Keep Piling Up his movement Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera his life is theirs to do with as they wish Badgers Christmas Day [With Poster] until the enigmatic Eramus offers Eli his power if Eli will join with him Sebastian Reed lives on the legal limits in Situation Normal Ganz oben ganz unten barely scraping by in his hunk of junk ship until a Peace Officer Ich Weiss, Was Hunger Istvon Der Straßengang In Die Sterneküche Ten Every Little Girls Dream commandeers his ship and his body Not that Sebastian minds MARINE except for wondering exactly where it is that Ten means to take him. I tried All four stories.One thing s for sure, I will NOT join the GR tentacle club shudder Review posted at The Armchair Reader.This is definitely one of the successful anthologies that I ve read I ve said it before, but I really like the way that Storm Moon Press does their anthologies They never seem overcrowded and they also seem to really be into cultivating new talent Or, at least many of their authors are new to me and the success rate of those stories by authors I ve never heard of versus the same at other publishers is so much higher I enjoyed every story in the anthology, all four of them, and I didn t feel overwhelmed I also didn t get bogged down in to a theme, something that SMP seems to have done by choosing anthology themes that are far reaching which allows authors a lot creativity with their story Certainly, each of the ones in this anthology were very different and all had their own merits I would have enjoyed reading each of them as a separate work, and some of them were wonderful.The tentacle theme is certainly not everyone s cup of tea I know that before this anthology I d read a couple stories that dealt with it and was intrigued I had certainly liked it, and though it may be my limited reading experience on this topic, most of what I had read was pretty serious dub non con and definitely not everyone s cup of tea While Gryvon s story, Dark Covenant deals with rape in a way that will make some people pretty uncomfortable, the other stories didn t, and explored the kink in ways I hadn t read before Even in Gryvon s story, the rape had nothing to do with the tentacle sex It s something that I think readers should explore, if you re interested, and this is a great way to do it.Ground Mission by Laylah Hunter 3.5 stars Heat 4 Spicy SmuttySex Frequency 3 Average Story to Sex RatioKeywords Tags Friends to Lovers, Other Planets, InfectedAdrian and Simon are pod mates, two genetically modified men who are cryogenically frozen between missions They are the first contact on the worlds they visit, and the grunts of the whole operation They wake with the latest mission to visit and old Earth colony and investigate the remains of civilization When they get to the ground, however, they find that there is still life, and it is hostile.The best part of this story is the relationship between Adrian and Simon Pod mates have such little free time because they re always either in stasis frozen between missions or on a mission and devoted to their objective Like most other pod mates, they have a relationship The nature of that relationship isn t quite explored, at least directly There is no precedent from other pod mates to compare we don t meet any of the others , but you can see through their interactions that their relationship is in a transition They are natural partners in getting their work done Like all of the two person teams, one is for intelligence and one is for muscle Adrian, as the muscle or as Simon refers to him, meat shield , follows Simon s lead on the missions, who is either naturally dominant in ways or take charge because of his extra modifications The changes they go through during their mission alter them as well, cement their bond, and allow them to say what they really feel when they finally have time alone to explore their feelings further.This was quite a sweet romance, despite the situation Adrian and Simon are in I liked that they were able to take their working relationship and banter and explore a new type of relationship.Wildwood by Thea Hayworth 4.25 stars Heat 3 Sexy MildSex Frequency 2 Few and Far BetweenKeywords Tags FaeIn this story, the peace is kept by a symbiotic relationship between humans and Guardians The land is widely covered in forests, and of the largest and oldest forest of all there is a single Guardian, who is rud to have gone missing years ago Unique creatures that seem to be the personification of the forest themselves, Guardians protect the woods and keep the coexistence between man and all natures of creatures Dryads, Wights, Kelpies, etc Koster is a ranger, one of a band of men who protect the humans in forest settlements, who is new to the old and vast forest of Oakensea His fearsome visage reflects his tumultuous past as a ranger who has been stationed in forests that have turned wild, overrun with wights and necromancers His arrival in Orm and patrols through the Oakensea bring changes that most of the residents have never thought to see, all while continually running into a strange man in the woods who is covered, head to toe, in an old ratty cloak.This is quite a wonderful, original story When I thought of tentle rotica which I ve coined btw it s the new word everyone, spread it around and thought about the stories of this anthology, I suppose I expected all manner of sea creatures It is part of the reason that I wanted to read this anthology half scared and half excited imagining some sort of Cthulhu romance shudder This story is set far from the sea, however, and not only was I pleased with how this story dealt with the tentacle prompt, I liked where the story moved from there What is charming about the romance between Koster and his mystery man, is that by nature of the man s secrecy though you know almost right off who he is Koster really must woo him, at first a little bit for duty, but thereafter because of his own interest than the people of Orm I can t quite decide how I feel about the POV changes mostly Koster s, but occasional sections from almost random townspeople , in the end I can see what it brings to the story As an isolated town, the people are presented with an almost united front, both in their goals and beliefs Because of that, their different POVs come across as one of a whole character, and because their removed from Koster, the stranger , they are a mostly objective voice.I very much liked this one and I hope to see this author s work, who until now I had not read nor heard of, in the future.Dark Covenant by Gryvon 4.5 stars Heat 4 Spicy SmuttySex Frequency 4 Very OftenKeywords Tags Non Con Rape, Magic, LovecraftianEli is from the lower city, perpetually covered in coal smog, dirty and poor with no way out He works the mines to provide for his younger brothers and sisters and his frail mother s medicines Then, when a mysterious man named Erasmus makes him a deal that he can t refuse, he s caught as a plaything in the Academy, learning magic by day and horrible things at night all with Erasmus manipulative voice in his head.This is a beautifully written story, sensually evocative The story begins right away with the suspense that carries through the story, and I felt like Eli was being set up for a horrible trap even before it happened In fact, Eli soon knows it too, no matter what he d rather believe, which only adds hopelessness onto an already out of control situation The emasculation he feels later in the story is a physical representation of everything that has been taken from him, his family, his life, and is written in such a way that it feels as if that ultimate hopelessness has been chartered from the beginning The real mystery is which road to take Which path with which person is the best bet for him and his family The answer to that changed from beginning to end, just as we slowly learn who Erasmus is and how corrosive the deceit among the Academy is, and maybe if the only choice Eli has is to choose the lesser of two evils If only Eli had knowledge to guide his way, something which his one friend and roommate Wesley helps with.This writing in this story, combined with the almost Lovecraftian horror lurking among the shadows creates an atmosphere that continually made me feel as if I was watching a short film This is definitely one of my favorite stories of the anthology, and this author s writing continues to excite me I simply can t wait for Gryvon to write , maybe a novel I d love that.Situation Normal by Morgan Harcourt 3 stars Heat 5 Off the Charts Sex Frequency 4 Very OftenKeywords Tags Interspecies, Cops, Alpha DomsSebastian is caught taking an illegal warp through space by a 7 foot tall lizard The minute His Most Just Tenacity, nicknamed Ten, commandeers his ship and starts coloring him Red because of his hair color, the situation takes a very sexy turn Sebastian can t believe his fantasy of a hot top lizard is going to push him around and push even his no limit boundaries The problem is that no matter how hot their sex is, Ten seems to think that Red is someone else, a real criminal he s been chasing What seems like a fun and sexy game suddenly becomes something much worse.This story is definitely the most sex focused story of the anthology, though it was definitely hot I suppose you could call it Xeno BDSM, since interspecies sex is called xeno sex in the story Also, they both have real chemistry, so it isn t just the tentacle kink that makes the story sexy, but also the power play and the back and forth banter What is play, what is real I wanted to label this story erotica for much of it, simply because the sex takes up quite a bit of the story, but there is a plot here, a miscommunication as part of the play that sends Sebastian into a dangerous situation This allows for the two go possibly come back together and maybe even have a relationship of a sort in the future It definitely ends in an HFN.Even though this was my least favorite story of the anthology, that s not a bad thing because the stories in this anthology have been really wonderful I can t even say that this story needed anything different or that I would have changed anything, simply that I preferred the others. spoilers added to take up less space in yet another freakishly long review An anthology about tentacles and all the havoc they can wreak how could I resist If you like tentacle tomfoolery, this is the anthology for you Each story spins a different mood and depending on your mood you ll surely find something to like here Overall rating 4 starsGround Mission by Laylah Hunter alt uni sci fi, suspense, monsters, stuffing 4.5 stars view spoiler Adrian Lovasz and Simon Pollux are posted on the starship Arbiter and make up landing team Beta Twenty Two They are mission Specialists, which in this world means they ve had biological enhancements to their bodies and brains which assist in field maneuvers They are also pod mates and share pretty much everything adjacent cryogenic pods during between mission downtimes, and when they re awake, they re fuck buddies so, all round mates Adrian has been bio enhanced for strength combat, Simon for intel field scouting They ve just been brought out of their cryo sleep storage for a new mission to uncover the mysterious disappearance of all the colonists on an Earth like planet Both of them tough guys and seasoned operatives, they have a gruff, teasing manner with each other, but you sense a softness between them too.It all seems like a regular mission until the two encounter some local fauna of the tentacled species The creatures seem semi sentient, they hunt in packs, at least And are intent on getting to the two guys This is a great short story, suspenseful, with some clever world building, and likable characters The ending is satisfactory but I hope it will be expanded to a longer story I have to add that I wished Simon hadn t recovered from his mishap at the end Then the story would have taken a really interesting turn Read it and see if you agree hide spoiler I m not really the sort of person who s ever been attracted to stories involving tentacle sex I can understand why people might like the idea of several long tentacles being able to do interesting things with your body, but I have a dislike of snakes, worms and octopi, so I was sure that sex scenes written with tentacles would just be unsexy for me However, never let it be said that I won t give things a go, and so when I saw this book on the list I thought why not It s good to stretch your limits from time to time In the end, I was surprised by how much I liked this anthology and any reasons for not liking parts of the stories were nothing to do with the tentacle sex scenes.There are four stories in the anthology all two which could be classed as Science Fiction, and two Fantasy I liked the first two stories the most, but I shall take each one and explain my thoughts Ground Mission by Laylah HunterThis science fiction story takes two military men who have been modified for purpose, Adrian is the muscle and Simon the wiry scout They get taken out of stasis and sent to a planet which looks to have had some human population at some time but all have died When the pair arrive on the planet, they discover strange creatures with tentacles which attack them Simon is hurt and infected, and Adrian must care for him the best that he can before help can arrive.The part that worked best for me with this story was the camaraderie between Adrian and Simon They are best friends and lovers and their feelings for each other come across strongly in their affectionate dialogue and teasing I also liked the way that the lives of the two men are shown Their growing aversion to spending most of their lives in stasis, and their dissatisfaction at having their bodies meddled with shows the reader two strong men who are also cautious in stepping outside authority Simon s acerbic commentary and general bad temperedness with authority figures showed this perfectly, and Adrian was the perfect foil in his wish to smooth over conflict The setting was vivid and I was pleased with the way that things worked out for the pair This story ended up being my second favourite of the anthology.Wildwood by Thea HayworthKosher is a ranger who has been posted to a country where the Guardian is thought to be missing He is pleased that the absence of the Guardian hasn t left the woods dying or over run with evil creatures and on the first night he attends a celebration where he bumps into Irsing, the missing Guardian Over the next few months Kosher runs into Irsing several times until he becomes determined to find out why Irsing is shunning his people.This was just a tremendously imaginative fantasy story with a rich setting and complex world I loved the background to the story with the guardians who care for the people and the forest and protect everyone There s so much thought behind the intricacies of the setting that I could only admire the skill of the author in fitting it into the story along with the plot I liked Kosher too, with his past hurts being perfect for helping Irsing come to understand the importance of rejoining his people Alongside the growing romance, and the portrait of Kosher as a quiet and reserved, but friendly, man, there is a plot which keeps the interest through a number of breathtaking action scenes between the quiet moments I didn t really want to leave this world and whilst the ending was very satisfactory, I was sad when the story finished Highly recommended and my favourite story in the anthology.Dark Covenant by GryvonEli is a poor miner who, when it is discovered that he has magical ability, is tricked into sexual and emotional slavery by powerful members of an academy for magic He is approached by Erasmus, a magical being who offers an escape for Eli.Once again, I really liked the fantasy setting for this story which took the idea of a rich poor divide The first part of the story was gripping and my sympathies for Eli built quickly However, he was rather gullible and whilst his concern for his family was touching, the way he is duped by the teachers of the school annoyed me The scenes that followed will not appeal to those who do not like non con, and it was particularly brutal in its description Personally, non con sex is not something which can bother me, as long as it forwards the plot or has a reason In this case, I felt these scenes crossed the line a little into gratuitousness, especially in the way they are repeated and rather than feel sympathy for Eli, I began to be frustrated with him Having said that, I liked the way that the relationship between Eli and Erasmus built through the story and the ending was pleasing.Situation Normal by Morgan HarcourtSebastian transports goods in his wreck of a space ship, flirting with the wrong side of the law on occasion His ship is bordered by a cop, Ten, one of the lizard species who believes Sebastian is working for a man Ten is pursuing Seb has always been curious about Xeno sex and Ten is only happy to oblige.The tone for this science fiction is lighter than the previous stories with some elements of comedy in Sebastian s narration He s a likable chap and I found myself enjoying the story very early on Much of the story revolves around a sex scene between Ten and Sebastian, which was imaginative and described well The story got a little silly towards the end with the introduction of the bad guy and the end was convenient, but then again it fit with the general lighthearted tone so I went with it I couldn t help but get the niggling sense that, although this story was fun and entertaining, it sat uneasily with the other, serious, stories However, that s not a reason to skip this story because I still liked it a great deal.Overall, this is an anthology which is well worth reading All the stories were imaginative and interesting to read and all used the tentacle theme in a different way If the theme of the anthology intrigues you, then I would definitely recommend it. Very good anthology The second really had some of the best writing I ve read I Quite a long time It had me feeling and sensing the story The last was also very good with nicely done dialogue that had a good amount of snark This is very much worth the dollars and there is not really a dud in it This is a great book for those that do not want to read tentacle torture porn as it has none of it These are celebratory of almost a cultural difference in feel although clearly physical is a big part. Looks like I exceeded my quota of 1 tentacle book a year Worse, I liked this anthology way too much I m screwed.You re staring at that cover, aren t you WellSTOP RIGHT THERE.Because I believe that this anthology deserves a chance You see, the awesome thing about these stories is that if you d remove the tentacles from them, they d still be holding their own Foreplay matters in All Wrapped Up None of these stories gave me the impression that the authors had actually preferred to cut straight to the porny tentacle point.So there s the milky fluids leaking, horrifying tentacles from Kraken and then there are the non slimy, non fishy tendrils in this bundle of stories by various Storm Moon Press authors There are 4 stories in total, each 40 pages I thought it was remarkable that the quality remained quite consistent throughout All Wrapped Up Usually, there are maybe 1 or 2 stories in an anthology that are truly enjoyable and the rest either feels like filler or attempts to inconspicuously pitch authors that should probably remain unknown Now, you may or may not like a particular story, but at least you will be able to feel the love and affection for tendrils Yup, if you are curious to discover what all the fuss is about, I would absolutely recommend starting with this entertaining anthology A short recap of each story so you know what to expect the opening story by Laylah Hunter Ground Mission starts with 2 men being dropped on a planet to find out what killed the colony It doesn t take long for them to find out that tentacle aliens surprise p did Then it s simply a matter of trying to survive before the rescue team will pick em up in the morning Nicely rounded, pulpy fun with amusing banter between the MCs.Thea Hayworth s Wildwood is a folk tale against the backdrop of endless woods that vaguely remind of Tolkien s forest of Fangorn, with the difference that her Treebeard is a sinister guardian I adored the mysterious atmosphere in this story, but regret some of the author s style choices Starting chapters with secondary character POV s was unnecessary and unpleasant and the plot in general needs tidying up Still, the guardian managed to snatch a little piece of my heart and even squid haters will appreciate the take on tentacle sex here.The harshest story of the bunch, Gryvon s Dark Convenant, contains non con and should therefore be approached with caution Eli s a poor boy from a big family who works the mines until one day a ghostly creature nestles itself into his brain Eli s magic doesn t go undiscovered for long and he s invited to a school for magic Turns out there are worse professors out there than Severus Snape It s perhaps the most unoriginal contribution to this anthology, with rape that doesn t really fit the story and plotholes that are hard to overlook At the same time, the tentacle sex comes close to perfection, uhu Finally, my personal favorite A pretty guy s space vessel gets confiscated by a tall, hot and handsome alien lizard cop who is after a criminal on the loose I know, right D There s so much fun injected into Morgan Harcourt s Situation Normal, that I couldn t stop grinning like an idiot Who would ve thought that lizard porn could be this exciting, hm It s a shame that the author needed to complicate a perfectly pulptastic read towards the ending by adding SSC nonsense, but overall, I m impressed by how plain fun this debut story was Buddy read with Robyn and Anna. My first foray into tentacle sex and I have to say it was pretty painless The stories, with one exception, were all very tight with great characterizations and storylines Who knew there were so many variations of tentacles I did not I am now schooled Ground Mission by Laylah Hunter4.5 StarsThis is my favourite of the anthology It reminded me in some places quite strongly of the movie Soldier with Kurt Russell, which has always been a guilty pleasure movie of mine This had strong sci fi and military world building that just really resonated with me I loved it for that.Adrian and Simon are soldiers who are cryogenically frozen between missions The military uses that time to upgrade the men both physically and mentally making them feel less and less human and uncertain about the future They are podmates meaning that they are cryo d together, travel together, and work together One, Adrian, has enhanced musculature while Simon,as the intelligence gatherer, often has his brain tweaked On a routine ground mission to determine the fate of missing colony members Simon is infected by the alien planet s tentacled animal I really wasn t sure how this story was going to end and I honestly worried about Simon and Adrian because they needed each other to function and I didn t want to see them separated This is really the strongest emotional story of the collection because these men are an established couple who are dealing with a potentially life altering incident I really enjoyed the connection the two men had and I was impressed with how things turned out at the end Wonderful.Wildwood by Thea Hayworth4 StarsA fantasy story about a forest guardian and ranger Strong world building and storyline with great characterization and atmosphere here A fantastic fantasy read but the ending was a bit bittersweet for me Dark Covenant by Gryvon2 StarsThis is the story that didn t really work for me It was depressing and starts out pretty quickly with the MC being raped repeatedly which didn t really serve the story much for me Seemed very gratuitous Eli, is living a life of drudgery and hardship in the mines It s discovered through an accident that he has powerful magic and is whisked away to a neighbouring academy to develop his powers For all his power though, he is used and abused there Over and over and over again He has some tenuous connection to a mysterious man, Eramus This is another part of the story that didn t work for me Just a lot of PWP, from the repeated rapes to the tentacle sex Situation Normal by Morgan Harcourt4.5 StarsMy second favourite of the collection This is a sci fi story about a courier who has his ship commandeered by an alien lizard cop who is pursuing a fugitive This one had me laughing so hard There was a lot of snappy dialogue here Points to the author for the title which may be a nod to Han Solo s fumbling attempt to distract stormtroopers during the Princess Leia rescue in Star Wars Golden And very story appropriate Sebastian is the pilot and owner of the ship The story is from his POV and he is hilarious He and the alien, Ten, have a lot of back and forth witty and charming conversations The tentacle sex here is over the top smoking hot as well There s some great world building here in addition to the characters and storyline Awesome read here All in all I was really impressed with the anthology and would really recommend it for readers wanting to see what the big deal with tentacle sex is all about With the exception of the one story I found it all a very natural and organic part of the relationships Recommended