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[[ Free Epub ]] ↳ A Book of Magic Horses ⇶ This is an anthology offairy tales from around the world that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning Sanders ContentsThe Dapple Horse FranceRubizal s Black Horse BohemiaBeedul a bup JamaicaThe Adventures of Gregor Poland I The Fisherman and the Devil II The Hut in the Desert III The White HorseWhoa ho RussiaThe Straw Horse RussiaThe Princess in the Iron Tower Bohemia I How Baldwin Found the Princess II Baldwin Meets Ismainy the Sorceress III Baldwin Frees the Princess IV Ismainy s Last TrickMalegy s Palfrey NetherlandsWhat Came of Quarreling AfricaFranz the Garden Boy Denmark I The White Mare II The PrincessMaster Billy CornwallMonster Grabber and the King s Daughter Latvia I The Requiem II Monster Grabber III The King s DaughterThe New Horse Schleswig HolsteinThe Beauty of the Golden Star SicilyHow Jack Made His Fortune CornwallWits But No Money Russia