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evil fixer lol A good friend of our family borrowed books from us as a young man When he was grown and had been abroad for a few years he asked me if I enjoyed Martial Arts books or movies When I said I sometimes did He then sent me this book to read and when I liked it, he sent me the rest of the set My eyes were definitely opened as to the genre I enjoyed all of the books and will likely not review the others as it would just be repetition I do recommend it if you enjoy adventures and I believe it is likely to surprise you if you have preconceptions of the Martial Arts style So this young illegitimate child of a 'lady of the night' is the 'hero' and a very unlikely sort as well Follow him as he traipses all around the countryside avoiding problems and creating evenof them You will laugh, you will stop stone cold and go back to see what you missed and the ending of the last book of course will definitely be a shock to your system Enjoy! And thanks to Jim for sending them to me The lending library of our house paid off handsomely with the reading of these books. The Deer and the Cauldron Part 1 is a fun enough book, full of action, silly moments, and quite interesting characters that, nonetheless, fails in some aspects that stop it from being a really good book.The story is pretty simple Trinket, a street boy whose mother works in a brothel gets entangled with a guy called Whiskers after this one gets into a fight with some people in the brothel From now on, our hero goes from one place to the other meeting all kind of important people and making a mess of himself and others The story is thin, but the action is fast paced and breathless, and constantly new things are happening and new characters appearing, so it is difficult to get bored Overcome, tired, probably, but bored, no.The style is good, and the depiction of characters acceptable It is a shame that almost all characters seem to have been cut from the same pattern: overacting, mean, easy to anger But of course, all of these is just an excuse for the constant combats and action But sometimes is a little bit too much, as it goes from actioncomedy to cheap pantomime The action is good, and the description of the movements and the names translate into vivid images for the reader.The translation is quite good (some shortcomings in the use of words, but otherwise no criticism) and it brings the story to live in English without many misinterpretations from the original.All in all, Trinket's adventures are quite a lot of fun and he doesn't overcome his stay (even if sometimes becomes a little bit annoying) 7/10 I just finished this threevolume tale It is 'kungfu' historical fiction based in the early years of the Qing dynasty The plot is dense but the text is light And with its exiled princesses, palace intrigue, kung fu grandmasters, secret societies, deadly eunuchs, royalists and rebels, of double identities, corruption, honor and integrity, a world of handtohand combat and people who fly between destinations, kung fu masters who paralyze and revivify people with simple fingerstrikes, a world of poisons and decomposing powders, magic swords, Manchurians and Russians, it's a version of history you wish were true Some parts of this like when the Empress Dowager first shows up made my hair stand on end, some parts of it were ROFL funny basically whenever Trinket opens his mouth, but the entire series is entertaining You can tell that in the beginning, the author hasn't quite figured out what the story is going to be about Then in his own words, he stumbles on Trinket Wei, and then the little rascal takes over from there I need a good book to follow this one up. From the grandmaster of wu xia, Louis Cha.You know all those crazy kungfu flicks that you like watching?This is it, but bigger, richer and SO muchadventurous.Lavish scenery Exotic places Insane duel and battles Characters that are humorous, cunning, creative, exciting, deceitful, dangerous and heroic That's just Trinket Wait till you meet the others Like the Emperor, his sister and his mother Or the ever chivalrous and heroic Helmsman Literally, dozen upon dozen character to love and hate.An epic story.This is definately the best trilogy I've ever read EVER! I have watch the drama series that was based on this book when I was just a child I remember I love it very much Oh the lovable Whiskers and also the Xiao Bao(Trinkets) It has been an unbelievable experience to read this book Thank you very much to the person who took the time to translate it into English.What I like about this book.well everything Love the Kungfu and the politics There are certain parts that is better expressed in the drama However, certain parts also better in the book form Leave it to readers' imagination.What I dislike? Not to say dislike but rather there is something lost when it's translated in English At times, I find it hard to grasp what is it about For someone like me who have a bit of knowledge on how the story goes, it was okay But I suspect for those who have nil knowledge on Kungfu flicks and stuff like that will have a hard time understanding.Overall, am giving it 4 stars out of 5 Am now looking forward to reading Vol 2 of the said story. Lộc Đỉnh Ký I definitely think that Jin Yong, a.k.a, Louis Cha, saved the best for last Unlike his previous works, the main character is muchof a protagonist than an idealist He was mired in a slew of intersecting struggles and his approach was to find the best solution for himself at a given moment Not exactly what a traditional Chinese intellectual, or for the sake of Louis' Cha's work, a warrior, would do but it worked out for him, although his spousal taste is highly questionable!This is indeed an ageless classic. This is a BIG book, not only in pages (475) but also in scope Set in the 1600’s after the Ming dynasty of native Hans has been replaced by the Manchu dynasty of conquerors, the book chronicles the exploits of Trinket, a bastard born in a whore house There are many themes in the book, including the origin of the Triad Societies formed to revolts against the Manchus, the brutality of Chinese life, i.e whole families would be wiped out if one offended the emperor, the complexity of life in the Forbidden city, Eunuchs who managed it, innocence and joy of boyhood friendships, intrigue by concubines, and of course blazing kung fu, defined here elegant execution through practice I loved the metaphoric names of kung fu moves, and of places like the women’s wing in the palace, maternal tranquility It expresses reality in a way logical Western logic can’t wrap its mind around Trinket was almost a coyote figure, doing silly, egotistical things, but always landing on his feet The plotting was excellent, making the coincidences of Trinket falling into being best friends with the boy emperor or becoming a master of a Triad society plausible Also Yong’s ability to be extremely descriptive of settings ^EPUB ⇱ 鹿鼎記 / 鹿鼎记 Lu Ding Ji / The Deer and The Cauldron ☚ อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อ ที่มีนิสัยเฉลียวฉลาด มากเล่ห์แต่ไม่ชั่วร้ายถึงที่สุด อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อเป็นเด็กหนุ่มผู้ปราศจากจากพลังฝีมือใดๆ หากแต่เขากลับทำให้ยอดฝีมือหลายคนต้องจบชีวิตลงด้วยสติปัญญาอันร้ายกาจก่อกวนยุทธจักรจรแทบถล่มทลาย อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อ สะท้อนให้เห็นถึงว่า สิ่งที่พิชิตแผ่นดินหาใช่พลังฝีมือไม่ หากแต่เป็นสติปัญญา กิมย้งพาตนเองและผลงานเรื่องเรื่อง อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อ สู่จุดสุดยอดของชีวิตนักเขียนด้วยเคล็ด ไร้กระบวนท่าเหนือกว่ามีกระบวนท่า ไร้วรยุทธ์เหนือกว่ามีวรยุทธ์ มีทั้งหมดเล่มจบ