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READ PDF ¼ Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation ð Women s Studies, Politics, Spirituality Balancing the Load Politics Most Likely To... Spirituality What can I say about this book I think that you have to be open to the concepts articulated in it Some of it can and probably will go over your head but the reason I love this book is because sonia opened my mind to the possibility that I could make an impact on my world I control my actions and what I do affects me and others I must re read it some time soon. I am always amazed and so fascinated to learn about the radical women who have come out of this conservative valley that I live in This book is memoir y, with interesting details on Sonia Johnson s participation in the fight for the ERA and her presidential campaign Her chapter on Telling the Truth made me cry, and her vision of a world free of gender oppression is really beautiful. For me, this book is essential feminism lit Sonia Johnson tells about her journey, from being banned from the Mormon Church to the struggle of women to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified I found this book enlightening and I think every woman should read it.